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One of the most popular destinations in Epirus is the picturesque town of Parga. Having evident architectural elements from the Ionian Islands, the town is built amphitheatrically at the basis of the hill, on top of which is the Venetian castle. Opposite it sport, at a small distance, is the Island of Panagia. The church with the same name, as well as the beautiful steeple and the small castle on the highest point of the island create a scenery that brings to mind a fairy tale.

The castle of Parga was destroyed many times, being the target of various conquerors. Whatthevisitorseestodaywasconstructedinthe 17thcentury by the Venetians and has additions from the period when the city fell into the hands of Ali Pasha of Epirus, when he bought the town from the English. The view from the castle is astounding. In the summer the tourists prefer the beaches of Krioneri, Agios Ioannis (or Ai-Giannakis), Valtos and Sarakiniko, without underestimating Piso Krioneri, which is located inside the town itself.


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