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Hiking at the Forests of Strofilia and Foloi

For those loving hiking Elis is the ideal destination. Two hiking routes pass through its forests of unique beauty. The borders between Elis, Arcadia, and Achaea, at the foothills of mount Erymanthos, at the plateau of Foloi we encounter the unique flat forest of Greece, the Foloi oak forest with the very old oak trees, which is part of the NATURA 2000 network. At its 40m2 live hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

Rich in biodiversity, with many rare species, is the Forest of Stofilia. It has been declared a National Park and in combination with the Kotychi lagoon provides excellent routes among the pine trees, the sand dunes and ammothines. The hiker follows the footsteps of Heracles and enjoys the lovely nature, while herons, hoopoes and other species of migratory birds rest during their long journey.


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