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Coordinates: 37.638467, 21.629884

Ancient Olympia

The glorious Ancient Olympia, the city which lighted the Olympic Flame and the birthplace of the Olympic Games is located in western Peloponnese, at the beautiful valley of the river Alpheus. Here is where the most important athletic competition in ancient Greece, the Olympic Games, which took place, just like today, every four years in honor of Zeus.

Today the visitors of the Archaeological Site of Olympia can see the remarkable buildings that testify to the glory of the place, with most important the magnificent temple of Zeus, the Treasuries, the temple of Hera and the Stadium.

At the site there is also the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of Antiquity which hosts 463 ancient works which present the more than a thousand years of the Games history through a modern museum perception and rich visual material.



Address: Ancient Olympia 27065

Access: Car, bus

Parking: Free

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