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Church of Pammegiston Taxiarchon

On the hill that dominates at the edge of the traditional settlement of Taxiarches, which used to be called Mofkitsa, at a distance of 15 km from Zacharo, is the church of Pammegiston Taxiarchon. This is one of the most well-maintained and elegant monuments of Elis, and is the symbol of the settlement.

It dates from the end of the 13th or the beginning of the 14th century. At the church of the Pammegiston Taxiarchon there is reference in the record of the ecclesiastical property by the Venetians in the period 1697-1700.

Architecturally, it belongs to the type of aisleless cross-in-square church with a dome and a three-sided apse at the altar area. Its construction is simple and there is not even a trace from the wall painting decoration.

The church celebrates on the 8th of November.



end of the 13th - beginning of the 14th century


8 November

Holy Metropolis: 
Elis and Oleni

Taxiarches 270 56

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