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Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary

At the cemetery of the settlement of Pavlitsa, in present day Frigaleia, which is built over the ruins of ancient Frigaleia, is the small Byzantine church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary.

It was probably constructed in the second half of the 13th century, at a location of an ancient monument, probably the sanctuary of Artemis Soteria, known from the ancient sources. The church of Panagia is mentioned in texts of travellers, as well as in the recording of the ecclesiastical property by the Venetians, in the period 1697-1700.

Architecturally, it belongs to the type of aisleless transverse-vault church, with a semicircular conch at the altar area. Several later alterations have been made, which seem to have limited its initial height. Its masonry follows the well-known, in the Byzantine Period, cloisonné system, but is not very carefully done and ancient building material has been used in its construction. Characteristic are the six columns that have been walled-in standing, along its side, while one can be discerned on the south side. At its arch there is a small window, which is the only source of lighting of the interior.

At the interior of the church there are exceptional wall paintings, which probably were made in the end of the 17th century, although there is an older layer, which has not been dated accurately. The iconostasis, which is built, is also adorned with wall paintings. Among the figures and the representations of the icons, one can discern military saints, the Resurrection of Christ and Pentecost, the Dormition of the Virgin, the figure of Panagia Platytera, and the large dimensions representation of the Second Coming, which is related to the fact that the church was a cemetery one.

At the area around the church ruins of other Byzantine buildings have been located, as well as architectural members of the Early Christian period, while under its floor the foundation of an ancient building has been revealed.

The church celebrates on the 15th of August.



second half of the 13th century


15 August

Holy Metropolis: 
Elis and Oleni

Pavlitsa Ano Frigaleia

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