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Coordinates: 37.429943, 21.900006

Temple of Apollo Epikourios

One of the most important and most impressive temples of antiquity is the Temple of Apollo Epikourios (Apollo the helper), in Bassae of Ancient Figaleia, near Andritsaina. The monument was incorporated in 1986 to the list of the World Heritage Monuments of UNESCO.

The “Parthenon of the Peloponnese” was constructed in 420-400 BC, possibly by Iktinos, at the highlands of the mountains of Arcadia, over an older temple of the 2nd century BC, and is, according to the Greek traveller and geographer Pausanias, the second in harmony and beauty monument in the Peloponnese after the temple in Tegea. This wonderful monument creates awe and admiration to the visitors.



Address: Figaleia 27061

Access: Car

Parking: Free

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