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A Day in Andritsaina

The most beautiful town with stone houses in Elis is Andritsaina.

This historical town in the borders between Elis and Arcadia, is spread on a green slop of Mount Lykaion at an altitude of 750 meters and impresses with its architecture, the paved alleys and the well-preserved mansions. Two legendary rivers enhance the beauty of the landscape, Alpheus and Neda.

Andritsaina passed through a period of heyday as a commercial centre, while today it attracts visitors, mainly in the summer, combining picturesqueness and modern infrastructures, athletic activities in nature, such as canoeing and kayaking at river Lousios, hiking at the gorge and the waterfalls of Neda, bicycling, routes 4x4 etc. It is worth visiting the Nikolopouleios Library and the Folklore Museum of Andritsaina which provides a lovely journey to the past of Greece .


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