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Coordinates: 37.519472, 21.602711

Lake and Baths of Kaiafa

The bath town of Kaiafas attracts thousands of visitors each year. The lake Kaiafas, with the beneficial mineral water, is situated next to the sea, at a distance of 5 km from Zacharo. It is believed that it was created in the 6th century AD after a big earthquake. In this blue lake, which is an important wetland, is located the small church of Agia Aikaterini (St Catherine), on the island with the dame name which also hosts buildings of the Tourism Development Company.

The healing qualities of the waters in Kaiafa are known from antiquity and, according to mythology, it was there that the legendary hero Hercules cleaned his wounds that were made by the Centaur Chiron. Just nearby, from the Cave of Agrinides, spring the mineral waters that end to the Thermal Spa. The beauty of the area is enhanced by the Forest of Strofilia.



Address: Zaharo 27054

Access: Car

Parking: Free

Spa Telephone:

(+30) 26250 31719

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