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Monastery of Panagia Chrysopigi in Divri (Upper Monastery in Divri)

Somewhat higher than the picturesque village of Divri or Lampeia of mountainous Elis, near the borders with Achaea, surrounded by the dense forest with the fir trees and the running waters, is one of the most important post Byzantine monasteries of the area, Upper Monastery or the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (Life Giving Spring) or Chrysopigi.

It was founded in the 17th century by Osios Joachim the Younger from Achaea. It was a stauropegic monastery and possessed large cultivation areas and several metochia. According to tradition, during the years of the Turkish occupation it was the refuge for the revolution freedom fighters, while it also housed the secret school of the area. In the period of the German occupation and the Civil War it suffered a lot of damages and in modern times it was repaired by the monks and it started to operate again.

The monastery complex is included by a precinct that is created by the wings with the auxiliary buildings. On the one side of the yard dominates the catholicon, which has been incorporated in the eastern wing and gets lost among the secondary buildings that were constructed later. It is an aisleless, vaulted church with a three-sided arch on the east and a narthex on the west. Its interior is richly decorated with wall paintings of 1667, as mentioned on the founding inscription over the entrance, which also mentions lord Zafeiris, from the village of Peta, who gave the money for the creation of the icons. The decoration is preserved almost intact, it is organized in zones, and expresses a more folk art style. The wall paintings at the narthex are made at a later date, like the temple, which is a built one and has been enriched with a wooden carved coating, which dates from 1845. On the southern side of the catholicon it has been annexed the chapel of Agios Kirikos and Ioulita. At the monastery there is a library with rare books and manuscripts, while a tunnel from the precinct leads to the underground hall which is said to house the secret school.

The monastery is dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi but celebrates at the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, on the 8th September, due to the climatic conditions.


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17th century


8 September

Holy Metropolis: 
Elis and Oleni

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EFA Elis

Lampeia (Divri) 27063 

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