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Hiking at Panagia Krifti

One of the most beautiful beaches in Mytilene is Melinta in Plomari. The visitor can start his walk from Melinta and follow the country coastal road, having the road leading to Palaiochori on his right. The road is easy to walk and has a view to the Aegean, covering a route of 2.5 kilometers. In the unique intersection the visitor can turn left and start descending the mountain.

Just before reaching the sea the traveller will see a very beautiful small church, well hidden among the rocks, “Panagia Krifti” (Virgin Mary the hidden). According to tradition, there a young woman hid there with her child to save herself from the Turks. When she escaped the danger, she vowed to Virgin Mary to build a church in the cave where she hid. The view from this spot is magnificent. Near the church there is also a small lake with hot thermal waters. 


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