Coordinates: 39.081808, 26.372192


The famous Agiasos of Lesvos is built on the slopes of mount Olympos, at an altitude of 475 meters. The special, wooded nature, the traditional architecture and the spiritually alert residents, make Agiasos an artistic and religious settlement which all should visit.

Each year, on the 15th of August, the holy church of Panagia of Agiasos attracts a lot of pilgrims for its large festival. Here, there is also an Ecclesiastical Museum, with an important collection of manuscripts, utensils and other ecclesiastical items. Interesting folklore material is exhibited in the Museum of the Reading Society of Agiasos.

The city has maintained its local dialect, but also its special culture. The long term tradition of the manufacture of ceramics and wooden carved artifacts continues through the production of several small industries. At the square, the old cafes are very picturesque. The visitor can taste delicious dishes with some local ouzo or just have a coffee made on amber. Also exceptional is the touloumotyri (type of cheese) that is produced in the area.

Famous is also the Festival of Agiasos. Folk poets satirize, with sarcasm and in rhyme, what is happening and transform the specific festival into a special experience. Finally, the “Chestnut Celebration” gives the opportunity for a winter mountainous escape and to visit Kastaniona.




Agiasos, 81101





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