Coordinates: 39.105165, 26.554324

Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Mytilene

Opposite the entrance of the church of Agios Therapon, the Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Mytilene is the keeper of the religious and folklore tradition of the island. It houses one of the most remarkable collections of Byzantine culture, with items from the Christian art that date even from the 13th century.

Its creation was decided after an initiative of the Metropolitan of Mytilene Iakovos Kleomvrotos, who in 1958, finding a small collection from his predecessor Iakovos Nikolaou, who had passed away, decided to organize it and enrich it. Among the sacred relics there are portable icons, with the oldest among them dating from the 13th century.



Address: Pl. Agiou Therapontos, Mytilini 81100

Access: Car

Parking: Free

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