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Hot Springs of Lesvos

In Lesvos one can, among other, enjoy the benefits of mineral tourism, given the fact that the island is filled with mineral and thermal springs, with remarkable infrastructures for the visitors.

In Eftalou, the coastal town near Molyvos, the visitor, apart from the therapeutic qualities of thermal springs, can also enjoy the wonderful natural landscape of the surrounding area, which combines the mountain with the sea. Here is where the family house of the novelist Elias Venezis is located as well as the tomb of Argyris Eftaliotis, important literary figures of the island. Tel..22530-71245.

At Gera Bay, 6,5 kilometers from the city of Mytilene on the road to Agiasos, we encounter the thermal springs of “Therma”. They are excellent baths, where the waters run headlong  into two separate pools through marble faucets. He landscape is enchanting and the water temperature is ideal providing the opportunity to the bathers to enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the spring.

At a small distance from the city of Polychnitos there the Thermal Baths of Polychnitos. The waters spring from volcanic rocks. There are sixteen springs recorded, with average temperature from 69,8 to 87,6 C and are considered the second hottest springs in Europe.

In the same territory there are the Thermal Springs of Lisvorio or the Thermal Springs Lisvorio “Agios Ioannis”, from the small church with the same name which is built there. Two baths operate, one of which has been built in the 16th century and the water temperature is 690C.

Famous are the Thermal Springs of Thermi (see THERMI).



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