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A visit to Thermi

A testimony to the long history of Lesvos is the prehistoric settlement of Thermi, east of the island, with a history of 5,000 years. Nowadays people can visit it and can combine their visit with other nearby sites, like the famous Thermal Springs of Thermi, the picturesque Skala of Thermi with the organized beach, known as Kanoni, Pirgi Thermis with the impressive castle-houses and the Byzantine church of Panagia Trouloti, Mistegna with the famous red stone, Skala Mistegnon with the crystal waters, the villages of Pigi and Komi, well-known for the “Taurus Festival”.  

Three kilometers higher than the mountainous village of Thermi, we encounter the women’s monastery of Agios Raphael, in memory of the three martyrs and saints, Raphael, Nikolaos and Irini.


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