Coordinates: 39.107051, 26.561686

Archaeological Museum of Mytilene

The listed building of the Archaeological Museum of Mytilene was built in the beginning of the 20th century. Initially it belonged to the family of Vournazos and was used as a residency. The museum hosts exhibit from the Neolithic Period and from the Bronze Period, and at the same time unique Aeolian capitals. A prominent place in the exhibition is occupied by the findings from the excavation of a residential system from the Bronze period, in Thermi.

The new building was constructed according to the latest perceptions regarding museology.  Its architecture has been dictated by the large inclination of the subsurface. As a result, the exhibition program followed the architecture of the building. Another important exhibit of its permanent exhibition is the impressive mosaic floors of the Roman mansion of the 3rd century AD, with the conventional name “Menander’s House”, which was the seat of an association of people working in the theatre 



Address: A.Efaplioti 7 & 8 November, Mytilene 81100

Access: Car

Parking: Free

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