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Coordinates: 39.111597, 26.562172

Castle of Mytilene

The castle of Mytilene is located at the northern side of the city and is surrounded by pine trees.

It is one of the greatest castles of the Mediterranean. The exact date of its construction is not known, but it is thought possible that it was built during the time of Justinian. Francesco Gattilusio when he became ruler of the island greatly strengthened its fortifications.

At the gates and in various other points of the castle there are still coats of arms, both of the Byzantine Palaeologans and the Genoese Gattilusio. Under the castle there are large galleries, where women and children gathered in time of war. Its walls survive in good condition and there are excellent examples of fortification architecture. Nowadays, after several renovations and repairs that were carried out, the visitor can visit it and enjoy the view from his walls. During the summer months, within the walls, there are a lot of theatre performances, concerts and exhibitions.



Address: Mytilene 81100

Access: Car, Bus

Parking: Free

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