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Coordinates: 38.431544, 22.871816

Castle of Livadeia

At the hill of the Prophet Elias, over the city of Livadeia, dominates the castle, which in its present day from it was built by the Catalan conquerors of the city, in the beginning of the 14th century, and it is one of the few Catalan monuments that survive in Greece. In the 15th century it fell into Ottoman hands and in the revolution of 1821 it was one of the first to be liberated by the Greeks.

At its interior there is a small church of Agia Sophia from where the visitor can admire the wonderful view to the gorge of Erkyna. The access to the castle is easy through the paved paths. 



Address: Frouriou 20-24, Livadeia 32100

Access: Car, Bus

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