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Church of Agios Dimitrios

At the entrance of the picturesque settlement of Avlonari, at the location Chania or Pazari, is the church of Agios Dimitrios, one of the most important Byzantine churches of central Euboea and the largest one of this type in the wider area.

It dates from the 13th century and is built over the ruins of an ancient temple, while it was probably the seat of the bishopric of Avlona already from the Early Christian period. In its initial form it must have been a three-aisled basilica, which was later converted into a transverse-vault church, an architectural type that was prevalent in Euboea in the 13th century.

The church has several peculiarities that make it a rare architectural example. The main church is surrounded by a ambulatory which incorporates the narthex and ends, on the eastern side, to two chapels.

One can discern three construction stages. At the early Christian conch of the altar area they added later the narthex and the octagonal dome and, finally, the main church was erected.

Externally, the building’s masonry follows the cloisonné system and in some cases it is decorated by elaborate ceramic elements.

Its interior is decorated with exceptional wall paintings, which are in good condition and are attributed to the painting workshop that was active in this area approximately in 1300. At the main church there are scenes from Christ’s life and at the narthex the Second Coming. Some of the figures are particularly impressive, like the ones of the military saints at the pronaos and Archangel Michael at the main church. Also impressive are the marble candelabra that stand in front the altar area.

The church is divided into three parts: on the left it honors Agios Eleftherios, on the right Agia Thekla and at the centre Agios Dimitrios.



13th century


Holy Metropolis: 

Lepouron-Chanion Provincial Road, Chania Avlonari 34009

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