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Church of Agios Nikolaos Oxylithos

On the northwest of the settlement Ritzanoi of Oxylithos there is one of the most representative monuments of Euboea during the Latin Occupation, the church of Agios Nikolaos, important due to the beautiful icons that decorate its interior.

It is situated at an area of 50,000m2, which was the metochi of the Monastery of Mantzari and until 1980 it was the cemetery church of the parish of Agioi Anargyroi. It dates with accuracy in 1304, according to the founding inscription that mentions that the church was renovated with the expenses of Leo Avdela, his wife Eirini, their son Dimitrios and his family. The reference to a renovation indicates that the church is older, but we don’t know exactly how old.

Architecturally, it belongs to the type of the small, simple transverse-vault church and initially it was single-aisled. Later a narthex was added to its western side, which has a wooden saddleback roof.

Its interior, at least in the main church, was decorated with icons that are a characteristic example of the painting workshop that was active in this area in around 1300.

One of the most important representations is the Ascension of Christ at the conch in the area of the altar, and the huge figure of archangel Michael, under which there is an inscription that mentions the prayer of Georgios Voulinos, his wife Kiriakoula and their children. Of particular interest is the figure of Agios Kosmas, which is represented without a beard and wearing the national Greek costume. 





Holy Metropolis: 

Under the Supervision of: 
Ephorate of Antiquities of Euboea

Ritzanoi, Oxylithos Euboea 34003

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