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Church of St Gregory of Nazianzus

At the centre of Nea Karvali, which is at a distance of approximately 12 km from the city of Kavala, is the church of St Gregory of Nazianzus, one of the most important sites of the village and significant pilgrimage destination, which attracts a lot of visitors from all over Greece.

St Gregory of Nazianzus, archbishop of Constantinople in the period 379-381, is among the most important Church Fathers. He was an adversary of the heresy of Arius, an important orator and theologian, and he wrote a lot of works. His relic was kept in Karvali of Cappadocia, in a church dedicated to his memory, until 1924. Then it was transferred together with other relics from refugees to their new homeland, Nea Karvali in Kavala, where a new church was built. Its construction started in 1924 and its inauguration took place in 1950, while since 1973 it has been established as a sacred pilgrimage.

It is a modern monument of large dimensions, of neo-Byzantine order. It is an oblong basilica, which on the eastern side it has a transept with a dome and on the western side two bell towers. It is a duplicate of the Byzantine church of St Gregory in Karvali of Cappadocia and has been characterized as a historical heritage monument. At its interior a dominant place is occupied by the relic of St Gregory, which is kept inside a gold-plated sarcophagus. Externally there are hostels for accommodation the pilgrims.

The church celebrates on the 25th of January and the celebration is of great importance to the wider area.


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25 January

Holy Metropolis: 
Philippi, Neapolis and Thasos

Nea Karvali, 64006

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