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Coordinates: 37.129430, 25.214422


In order to have a complete picture of the sites of Paros one must definitively visit the Mycenaean acropolis in the area of Kokounaries and the nearby Kolymbithres.

The excellent landscape resembles something out of a western film. The landscape is austere and plain, while the granite formations enhance the feeling that you are visiting some other continent.

Climbing to the hill of the Mycenaean acropolis, although tiring, will be rewarding due to the beautiful view, dominated by those strange geological formations.

Then, the beach with the "Kolymbithres", the dozen small cavities in every rock, of every shape and form, is the definition of an unusual beach, for those who seek a special landscape in which to enjoy their swim. 



Other Names: Mycenaean Acropolis

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