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Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary (Monastery of Megali Panagia or Panagia of the Five Ospition)

At a beautiful location with a panoramic view, near the village Koumaradaioi, on the southern part of the island of Samos, is the largest monastery of the island dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, known as the Monastery of Megali Panagia or Panagia of the five ospition.

It was founded in 1586 by the brothers and monks Neilos and Dionysius, who came from the area of Miletus, and its core was constituted by the settlement of monks that lived in five chapels of the area (five “ospitia”). During the Turkish occupation it contributed significantly to the dissemination of Greek letters, with the operation of a school and the financial support of education, while from 1901 it was an important centre for the cultivation of the art of chanting. In the Revolution of 1821 and the during the latter struggles of the people of Samos it functioned as a base of operations for the chieftains of the island and it was related to a lot of important events of the island’s history. It was ransacked by the Turks in 1834 and it was destroyed by fire at least three times, in 1754, in 1947 and in 1988.

The complex is surrounded by two- or three-storey wings, which create pointed arches and woodworks according to the traditional architecture of Samos. In the middle of the yard stands the catholicon which was built in 1593. It is a beautiful cross-in-square church of Mount Athos style, with two side conches, octagonal dome supported by four columns, arched narthex and an exonarthex with an arcade. Its interior is richly decorated with excellent wall paintings, work of an unknown painter that was completed in 1596. The wood-carved, gold-plated screen of 1740, the pulpit and the wood carved doors, works of the 17th -18th century, and the marble paving of the floor. On the southern side of the church there is a chapel dedicated to Apostles Peter and Paul. It is older, of the type of a small one-aisled barrel-vaulted basilica, that dates from the end of 15th century and must be one of the fine that joined together to create the monastery.

It is a men’s monastery and celebrates on the 23rd of August.




23 August

Holy Metropolis: 
Samos and Ikaria


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