Coordinates: 39.211714, 25.854872

Petrified Forest & Museum of Natural History

A great attraction in Lesvos is its world famous Petrified Forest. Dead and at the same time alive, one from the two largest petrified forests in the world, it is the window to the geo-historical development of the Aegean area in the last twenty million years. The ecosystem of the Petrified Forest is a World Heritage Site and is part of UNESCO’s Global Network of National Geoparks.

Volcanic eruptions in the past resulted in the area of Sigri being covered with incandescent lava. The Forest includes hundreds of fossilized trunks of trees, with a height that sometimes reaches 3 meters, and occupies an area of 150 km2 which is surrounded by the settlements of Sigri, Eresos and Antissa in Western Lesvos. Apart from the fossilized trunks, they have also unearthed the roots, the fruits, the branches and the leaves of the trees, creating an eerie spectacle.



Address: Σίγρι 81103

Access: Ι.Χ. αυτοκίνητο, Υπεραστικό Λεωφορείο ΚΤΕΛ

Parking: Ελεύθερη

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