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Coordinates: 37.889961, 21.140863

Castle of Chlemoutsi

The impressive Frankish Castle of Chlemoutsi stands at a dominating spot on top of the hill with the same name, over the valley of Elis, with a view to the Ionian Sea, for almost a millennium.

We can see it in the village of Kastro, the municipality of Andravida-Kyllini. There it was constructed in 1220 – 1223 by Geoffrey I of Villehardouin and was related with the heyday of the period being the most important fortress of the Principality of Achaea. It was claimed by many and in 1427 it came under the authority of Constantine Palaiologos and then they fell into the hands of the Turks.



Address: Kyllini 27050

Access: Ι.Χ. αυτοκίνητο

Parking: Ελεύθερη

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