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Coordinates: 38.244844, 21.742901

Castle of Patras

At a beautiful location, on a hill of the Panachaiko Mountain and at a distance of 800 meters from the shore, there is the Byzantine Castle of Patras. It was constructed by Justinian in the 6th century AD with materials takes from the older acropolis. Its walls enclose an area of 22,725 meters. Even though it was besieged by various intruders, it remained impregnable until 1205 when it was captured by the Frankish Crusaders, who enhanced it with a moat like the later liberator Constantine Palaiologos who carried out repairs. Until World War II the Castle was used continuously. Nowadays, it is an archaeological site with free entrance, while during the summer months it hosts various cultural events.



Address: Patras 26442

Access: Car

Parking: Free

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