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Church of Agioi Apostoloi

Near the central square of the medieval settlement of Pyrgi, at the end of a vaulted gallery, surrounded by buildings constructed later, emerges the beautiful church of Agioi Apostoloi, a true jewel of Byzantine art, which survives in pretty good condition.

According to an inscription that survives at the lintel of its entrance, the church was constructed in 1564, by the abbot Symeon, who later became the metropolitan of Chios. However, there are indications that the monument already existed in the 13th-14th century, and Symeon in reality reconstructed it, probably after some kind of destruction. Approximately a century later, in 1665, they made the icons, with the expenses of the priest Constantine, his wife Kali and their son George, who belonged to the aristocratic family of Damalades, like the first founder, Symeon. As a matter of fact, it is probable that the church was property of the family and it was used for burials.

Architecturally it belongs to the type of the island octagonal churches, modeled after the catholicon of Nea Moni, which influenced masonry in Chios for centuries. On its western side there is a narthex, which is covered with a dome, like the main church. Its walls are built with stones and bricks, according to the imperfect cloisonné system, and bring a limited decoration from phialostomia and tablets in its walls. At its interior the church is richly decorated. The wall paintings that date from 1665 are the work of the Cretan Antonios Domestichos Kinigos and stand out due to their folk style and the preservation of influences   from the Cretan school of icon painting. Dominant forms at the representations of the main church are the two supreme Apostles, Peter and Paul, while at the narthex the main theme is the Virgin Mary. The screen of the church is wooden carved, dates probably in the 17th century, but they have carried out several interventions and repairs.

They carry out a service at the church only once a year, on the 29th of June.


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