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Coordinates: 38.376391, 26.021508

Medieval Villages

Visitors have the opportunity to travel in time and become entangled in the labyrinth of the medieval mastic castle-villages. MestaOlympoiPyrgi and the deserted Anavatos are unique examples of medieval architecture in Greece.

The buildings are constructed next to one another, leaving only one or two gates-entrances towards the village's interior. The alleys are narrow and most of them have arches over them, on which residencies are built. These medieval castle-villages had been designed and constructed as a labyrinth, due to the fear of pirate attacks, while the feeling of those bleak times is still evident today.

Anavatos, which is also called Mystras of the Aegean, is built on a hill with steep slopes. The village was deserted after the Massacre of 1822, but its general outline is well preserved, creating thus a unique picture of a ghost-town surrounded by a harsh and rugged environment. 


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