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Coordinates: 38.480018, 25.886780

Monastery of Agia Markella

At a beautiful bay on the western coast of Chios, near Volissos, amidst age-old platanus trees is situated the most important pilgrimage of Agia Markella, patron saint of the island, who was killed in this location in around 1500.

According to tradition, Agia Markella came from Volissos and at a young age and at a young age she became a Christian. Her pagan father pursued her on the mountains, set the bush she was hiding in fire, and when she took refuge on the rocks, he cut off his head and threw it to the sea. At this point, approximately two kilometers away from the church, it is believed that holy water flows from the rock.

They constructed the church where they believed that was the location of the bush where the saint hid. The present day church was the third one that was constructed in this location, but the date of its foundation is now known. There are old cell complexes around it, which today have been shaped into a hostel for the numerous pilgrims that arrive here each year.

The church celebrates on the 22nd of July and on this day the greatest festival in Chios takes place. 




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