Thematic Routes

On the footsteps of Apostle Paul

Entry / Exit Point
Entrance: (40.50421,25.52473)
Exit: (37.90517,22.88026)

Apostle Paul arrived in Greece for the first time in the winter of 49-50 AD to preach the Gospel and teach the work of f Jesus. He started with a ship from Troad in Asia Minor heading to Neapolis, present day Kavala and first stop of his journey, the island of Samothrace. Following initially Via Egnatia, he visited flourishing cities of the Greek and Roman world, which slowly evolved into important centres of Christianity. At the places where he stopped along his course monuments were founded, in honor of his journey. Monuments and places that survived through the centuries and today they move and attract thousands of travellers from every corner of the world, who want to follow the footsteps of Apostle Paul and learn about the world of the first Christians.

Estimated duration: 6 days


Points of Interest in Route