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Coordinates: 37.934219, 22.984368

Corinth Canal

This is one of the most important achievements of engineering in Greece, given the period in which it was constructed (1880 – 1893). It is the work of the Greek engineer Petros Protopapadakis and it was constructed the period when Charilaos Trikoupis was prime minister.  Its length is almost 6.5km and the canal joins the Corinth Gulf for the Saronic Gulf.

The first attempt to join the two gulfs was the famous Diolkos, which was invented by the ancient Corinthians. Later, in 44 AD, Julius Caesar planned to open the canal, but his plans came to nothing because he was assassinated. Both Nero and Herodes Atticus tried to revive the plans for the construction of the canal, but they both gave up these plans.

Nowadays, the Corinth Canal servicing annually more than 10,000 ships of different nationalities.


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