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Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth has very long and significant history since it was one of the most important and richest city-states in Ancient Greece. Its main rival for many years was the other naval super power of that time, Athens.

Corinth has under its control what was strategically very important in the ancient world, the Isthmus of Corinth. A lot of cities of the wider Greek world were colonies of Corinth and this alone demonstrates the wealth and the significant influence of the city. It was destroyed by the Romans, who wanted to make an example of the city, in 146 BC, after the unfortunate, for the Greeks, battle at the Isthmus of Corinth. The ruins of ancient Corinth even today testify the city’s past grandeur. The visitor can admire, among other, the impressive columns of the temple of Apollo of the 6th century BC, the ancient agora with the "bema of Apostle Paul", the Odeum, which was renovated by Herodes Atticus and other public buildings of great archaeological interest.  

At the same area stands one of the most important archaeological museums of Greece, the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth. Its four halls and the two galleries the visitor can admire the archaic Sphinx of the 6th century BC, which was found in an excellent condition, findings from the Sanctuary of Asclepius, traces of the presence of an Israeli community in the Roman Period (a community that Apostle Paul later visited and wrote a letter to) and others.



Other Names: Archaeological Museum of Corinth

Address: Ancient Corinth

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