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Church of Apostle Paul

At the centre of Corinth, in one of the most beautiful park of the city is the impressive metropolitan church dedicated to Apostle Paul, the patron saint of the city. The Apostle of Nations visited Corinth three times during his journeys and his letters to the Corinthians are supreme examples of Christian teaching, and as a matter of fact he himself founded the first metropolis.

The church was constructed in the 1930s at the location of an older one who was also dedicated to Apostle Paul and it was demolished in the great earthquake that hit the city in 1928. It is the work of the Corinthian architect Nikolaos Kotseronis and is considered one of the best examples of modern ecclesiastical architecture in Greece, inspired as it is said by the church of Agia Sophia in Constantinople. It was founded on the 29th of June 1936, the day of celebration of Peter and Paul, by the Metropolite Damascenus and the Prime Minister Panagis Tsaldaris and was inaugurated almost a year later.

Architecturally it belongs to the type of three-aisle basilica with a dome, but it is characterized by several modern elements that make its design unique. It is large in dimensions, with beautifully shaped surrounding area and occupies a whole building block. At its yard dominates the impressive bell tower, with a height of almost 30 m., which is all that is left from the older church, while there are chapels dedicated to Agios Kyriakos the Anchorite and Nektarios of Pentapolis. At its interior there are baptistery halls and halls for the meeting of the church council, as well as a confessional. The three aisles are dedicated the central to Apostle Paul and the side ones to his disciples, Timothy and Titus.

The church celebrates on the 29th of June.


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29 June

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