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Coordinates: 39.368227, 26.177162

Castle of Molyvos

One of the few popular destinations that still maintain an aura of authenticity is Molyvos, known also as Mithymna, on the north of the island. Today it is one of the most important traditional settlements of the Aegean. The houses of the settlement are constructed with rock and wood and painted in intense colors, reflecting traditional architecture. Each afternoon the landscape transforms into something spectacular since it is bathed in the colors of the sunset.

Characteristic is the impressive Byzantine castle, at the foothills of which is the traditional settlement. The Castle was constructed in around 1373 probably over the foundations of the acropolis of ancient Mithymna. In its present day form is, to a large part, the work of the Gattilusi rulers with additions and repairs that took place at a later date.

It is worth visiting the Archeological Collection and the Municipal Gallery of Molyvos with a large number of remarkable works.


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