Coordinates: 38.032979, 22.110542

Kalavrita Holocaust Museum

The “Home of the Heroes”, those that died by the monstrosity of the Nazi troops at the historic city of Kalavrita, is the Municipal Kalavrita Holocaust Museum, with collections and exhibits that have to do with the Holocaust that took place in Kalavrita.

The Museum operates since 2005. It is housed at the building of the old Municipal School, which has been characterized a preserved historical monument, since it is directly related to the tragic event of the Holocaust. Here is where the residents of Kalavrita gathered just before the execution of all the men of the population on the 13th of December 1943, when it was burned to the ground.

Through the rich collection of rare documents, unique items and personal narrations the shocking history of Kalavrita is presented in order to preserve memory and create a historic consciousness to younger generations.



Address: Kalavrita 25001

Access: Car. bus

Parking: Free

Tel.: 26920-23.646

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