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Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos

At the enchanting, dense forest of very tall, age long oaks and elms, south of the village Palaiokatouna and close to the green valley of Agrafiotis river, survives the old monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos (St John the Baptist).

The date of its foundation is unknown but the tradition relates the beginning of its history with the finding of the icon of Agios Ioannis by the people of Kerasochori. In the period of the Turkish occupation it developed significant activity and it helped a lot the people of the area in their struggle against the Turks. The well-known hero of Agrafa, Katsantonis, visited it often, he found refuge here with his men, he ensured food and financial support and used it as his base of operation. During the revolution the monastery was destroyed and after the revolution, in the middle of the 19th century, it was reconstructed in its present day form. However, it suffered damages again from the earthquakes that hit Evrytania in 1963.

From the monastery what survives in good condition is the catholicon, which was built in 1850. It celebrates on the 29th of August and in its celebration each year a lot of believers from the surrounding area gather to honor their patron saint. 





29 August

Holy Metropolis: 

Under the Supervision of: 
Ephorate of Antiquities of Fthiotida & Evrytania

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