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Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni in Salamina

On the northern edge of Salamina, opposite Nea Peramos of Megaris, at a beautiful seaside area with pines, is the historical Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni.

The Monastery was founded in 1670 by Lambros Kanellos from Megara, later Saint Laurent, which according to tradition found the icon of the Virgin and renovated the church which stood there for centuries. The monastery became a stauropegic one and soon flourished greatly. During the Greek Revolution in 1821 its contribution was significant, especially during the siege of Athens by Kütahı in 1826-1827. Due to the safety it provided, it became a refuge for the civilians, a place where the chieftains used to meet, while is also used as a hospital for the fighters of the Greek army. Its abbot, Gregory, was a member of Filiki Eteria, while at its buildings they hosted the library and the valuable relics that were transferred there from Athens. In the period 1878-1881, they temporary installed the Navy Yard at its area. In the 20th century started its decline and in 1944, while it had almost collapsed, it was converted into a women’s monastery by the Metropolitan Iakovos and it as renovated.

The monastery is surrounded by building complexes that create the sensation of a fortress. At the centre is the catholicon, a three-aisled vaulted basilica with a dome and four turrets with loopholes. It dates from the beginning of the 18th century and its interior is decorated with frescoes of 1735, works of the well-known artist George Markos and his student, Nikolaos Benizelos. South of the catholicon lies the church of Agios Nikolaos, where there is the tomb and the skull of  Osios Lavrentios Λαυρεντίου, while at the church of Agioi Apostoloi there is a small museum with religious relics, documents, and weapons from the fighters of the Greek Revolution of 1821.  At the courtyard area there are tombs, among them the Greek fighter Ioannis Gouras. Nowadays, there is a hostel and a women’s nursing home. It is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin and celebrates on August 23rd, where a great celebration is organized.





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