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Coordinates: 37.978039, 23.717285

Kerameikos Archaeological Site

On the edge of ancient Athens, between the present day streets of Ermou and Pireos, was the location of Kerameikos, which was called thus due to the district of the potters (from which the English word “ceramic” is derived), which had developed on the banks of the river Eridanos. At this point, opened the two most important gates at the walls of the city, the Dipylon and Iera Odos (Sacred Way), and the starting point of two main roads. Along these was the oldest and largest cemetery of Athens, from which survive the tombs of important citizens and those that have been killed in a war. The tombs were marked with impressive funerary stele which can be seen either in their original location or at the halls of the museum, which are located within the archaeological site.



148 Ermou Street, Athens 105 53

Metro: Kerameikos stop, Electric: Thisio stop, City Bus

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