Coordinates: 37.981155, 23.732958

National Library – University – Academy of Athens

The “neo-classical trilogy” of Athens, as it is usually called, at Panepistimiou street, is identified with the heart of the intellectual life of the city. On the left, the National Library, at the centre the University of Athens, on the right the Academy of Athens.

These are three neo-classical mansions that were constructed in the 19th century. The University was designed by the Danish architect Christian Hansen, and the other two buildings by his brother, Theophil, and they were completed by Ernst Ziller. All three have rich decoration in its interior, while around them there are gardens with sculptures by important Greek artists, creating in this way a special complex at the centre of the city.



Other Names:
"Neo-classical Trilogy"

Panepistimo & Ippokratous, Athens 106 79

Metro University stop, Bus, Trolley

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