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Coordinates: 37.972798, 23.740832

Presidential Mansion

The official residence of the President of the Hellenic Republic is located right behind the National Garden, at Herodou Attikou street, one of the most beautiful streets in Athens, closely related to the political life of the country, since here is also the location of the prime minister’s office.

The Presidential Mansion was constructed in the 1890s according to the plans of the German architect Ernst Ziller and combines neo-classical and elitist elements. Initially, it was located outside the city limits and was used as a residence of the successors of the royal family. Nowadays it is guarded symbolically by the evzones, the soldiers of the Presidential Guard, dressed with the traditional uniform, and is surrounded by a large, impressive garden.



Address: Vas. Georgiou B'2, Athens 100 28

Access: Metro station Syntagma

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