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Ι. Ν. Αναστάσεως Χριστού (Χριστός στα Σπάτα)

At a central location of Spata in Attica, is the church of the Resurrection of Christ, known as “Christ in Spata”, which attracts numerous of people from all over Attica and the rest of Greece.

The first church was founded in this location in 1934, at building blocks offered by the people of the area for the construction of a church, cells and other auxiliary buildings. The church was inaugurated in 1935 and it was a triune one, dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ, to the Ascension of Christ and to Agia Fotini. In order to satisfy the needs of the number of visitors to the church, but also to deal with static problems that emerged due to earthquakes and ground instability, it was decided to construct a new, larger church. The old church was demolished and the new one, which is a cross-on-square church with a dome, was founded in 1956, while its bell tower was added in 2008 and its inauguration took place in 2012.

The church functions as a Holy Pilgrimage from 1971 and celebrates three times a year, Easter, on September 14th and on Sunday of the Samaritan Woman.




Easter Sunday, 14 September, Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Holy Metropolis: 
Mesogeia and Lavreotiki

Spata 19004

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