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Church of Agia Marina

Agia Marina is situated on the hill of the Nymphs near the Observatory, at the district of Thission. On its southeastern corner they have incorporated the much older initial church, which was a cave and today is the baptistery.

The initial church dates from the beginning of the 13th century and was probably erected at a location where there was an ancient water cistern. It was carved on the rock and had a dome that was added later. At its interior the rock was covered by wall paintings that were discovered in six successive layers and date from the 13th, the 17th and the 18th century. The older ones, of the 13th century, have been preserved on the northern wall and until the middle of the sanctuary’s arch, where the Virgin holding baby Christ is depicted, on a throne, surrounded by angels and hierarchs. The angel on the right is preserved in a good condition, and the same is true with Basil the Great on the southern side, which stands out for this expressiveness and the excellent decoration of his clothes. Very work out wall-paintings are preserved from the beginning of the 17th century, among them one depiction of Mark the Evangelist, work by the Athenian artist Dimitriou. On the eastern side the Altar is preserved.   

The later church was constructed in the period 1924-1927 according to the plans of the architect Achilleas Georgiadis and is an inscribed cross in-square church with a large central dome and four smaller ones on the corners. Wall paintings decorate its interior, the work of well-known artists, which are a rare example of European influence in Greece, while there is also an impressive screen, designed by the architect Georgios Nomikos. At a specially shaped are in its interior there fragments from the wall paintings of the old church are on display, as well as relics and icons from the period between the 13th and 18th century. The church celebrates on July 17th.



13th & 20th century


17th July

Holy Metropolis: 
Archdiocese of Athens

Under the Supervision of: 
Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens

Agias Marinas 1, Thiseio 11851

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