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Church of Metamorphosis Sotiros

On the northern foothills of the Acropolis, near the intersection of Theorias and Klepsydras streets, on the edge of the picturesque district of the Anafiotika in Plaka, is the beautiful, small church of Metamorphosis Sotiros (Transfiguration of Christ).

It dates from the Middle Byzantine years and more specifically in the third quarter of the 11th century. from its initial form only the north side and the dome survive. The other sides were altered due to the expansion that was carried out for enlarging the interior area. Interventions were also made to the church during the Turkish occupation (1456-1833), as it is indicated in the northern side by the pointed arch, a characteristic of the Ottoman architecture.

The church is small in dimensions and belongs to the type of the simple cross-in-square church, without a narthex. On the eastern side there are three semi-circular arches, while on the southern one they annexed a rectangular chapel, carved on the rock. Its walls are built with the normal cloisonné system of masonry and are decorated externally with ceramic elements, like cufic (designs that imitated Arabic letters), rhomb-shapes and zigzags. The dome is the usual “Athenian” type, octagonal, elegant and tall, with marble columns on the corners and lobed windows.

The church celebrates on the 6th of August.



11th century


6 August

Holy Metropolis: 
Archdiocese of Athens

Under the Supervision of: 
Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens

Theorias & Klepsydras, Plaka

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