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Coordinates: 37.975531, 23.734911

Parliament Building

The centre of Athens is usually identified with the busy Syntagma Square, a small cool breath in the city, with the fountain, the sculptures, the trees and the cafes.

Behind it and somewhat higher stands the impressive neo-classical mansion that has hosted the Hellenic Parliament since the 1930s. it was built in the middle of the 19th century and it was the palace of the first king of Greece, Otto. Syntagma square was the courtyard of the palace, and took its name from the rebellion that took place here on the 3rd of September 1843 and forced Otton to grant the constitution (syntagma in Greek) to the Greek people.

Starting from Syntagma square, you can begin your walk at the centre of the city, heading either towards the picturesque district of Plaka or towards the historical centre or towards the district of Kolonaki.



Other Names: Syntagma Square

Address:  Syntagma Square, Athens 105 63

Access: Metro station: Σύνταγμα, Bus, Trolei, Tram.

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