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Church of Agios Philippos Vlassarous

The church of Agios Philippos is located on the tourist area of Monastiraki, in the district of Vlassarous, opposite the entrance of the archaeological site of the Ancient Agora.

According to tradition, it was here that Apostle taught for two years in Athens and it was here that he died as a martyr.

Architecturally it belongs to the type of three-aisled vaulted basilica with a simple gallery and a steeple and it has been built over an old Christian basilica. The second church, which is not preserved, was the result of radical renovations made in 1866, after the destructions by the army of Kutahi Pasha (1826-1827) during the siege of Athens.

In 1912 it was renamed to “Agios Philippos Vlassarous” when it merged with the nearby church of Panagia Vlassarous. The latter was demolished during the excavations at the ancient Agora in the period 1932-1937. Finally, in 1961 the present day church of Agios Philippos was constructed.

The church’s screen was made in 1849 and came from an older church. At the church of Agios Philippos they keep parts from the holy relics of saints, among them the ones of Apostle Philippos. Furthermore, there are also icons from the demolished church of Panagia Vlassarous.


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