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Pavlos Verllis Greek History Museum

The Museum of Wax Effigies is a truly interesting choice and Pavlos Vrellis, a resident of Ioannina, has dedicated his life to it.

The Museum is a few kilometres outside the city of Ioannina, near the villages Bizani. Its showcases include more than 150 figures of Greek freedom fighters, politicians, scholars and other heroes, whose struggles and sacrifices for the benefit of Greece is undoubted.

The wax effigies are made bee wax, they are in natural size, and the environment of their respective age is faithfully represented. The visitors can admire glorious moments of the Greek past, for example the Greek-Italian war, the "secret school", the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Macedonian Wars etc.



Other Names: Museum of Wax Effigies

Address: 12th Km. Ioannina - Athens National Road, Bizani 45500

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