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Coordinates: 39.901632, 21.268859

Stone bridges of Grevena

At the area of Grevena are situated the most impressive stone bridges of Macedonia, constructed in the 18th and the 19th century on the central roads that led to Epirus and Thessaly. The biggest one, with length of 84 m., is the bridge of Spanos, while the one with the biggest arch, which reaches the 15 m. in height, is the one of Aziz Aga, both of them close to the villages of Kosmati and Kipourio. Impressive is the bridge of Portitsa, near the village of Spileo, of Ziakas, near to the village that took its name by the hero Theodoros Ziakas, and of Dotsikos, the only one locates in a settlement. 



Access: Car

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