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Coordinates: 40.477839, 22.322133

The impressive archeological site of Aigai, the first capital of the ancient Macedonian state, is located at the foothills of Pieria mountains and at a distance of about thirteen kilometers from Veroia. The name of the city comes from an ancient Greek word that means “goat” and Aigai means literally the “city of the goats”. The name came from a divination received by king Perdiccas I from Pythia, which advised him to build his capital at the location that the goats would lead him.

Later, in the 5th century BC the capital of the Macedonians was transferred to Pella. Apart from the famous royal tombs of Philip II and Alexander IV (son of Alexander the Great and Roxanne), the visitor can admire in Aigai the ancient Theatre and the impressive Palace, the sanctuary of Eucleia, as well as the Acropolis of the ancient city.  




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