Coordinates: 40.487559, 22.320221

Museum of the Royal Tombs in Aigai

One of the most important museums in Greece, with huge importance for proving the Greek character of Macedonia is the Museum of the Royal Tombs in Aigai. The four royal tombs and the Heroon were unearthed in 1977 by Manolis Andronikos, while the museum was constructed in 1993, following the latest specifications of modern museology. The building maintains the characteristic form, for Macedonian tombs, of the earthen tumulus. Inside the underground building that is located under the tumulus they keep, in stable conditions of temperature and humidity, the exceptional beautiful wall paintings that decorated the tombs, as well as the royal treasures. The Museum refers to a world of shadows and whispers, where only the objects of the buried Macedonian kings are presented in full light. From the collection what stands out is the famous larnax of Philip II with the star of Vergina, his weapons and the golden oak wreaths. 



Access: Car, Bus, Train

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