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Coordinates: 37.745921, 23.431415

Church Koimiseos Theotokou (Metropolis of Aegina)

The Metropolis of Aegina is an impressive three-aisled church with three domes. The middle aisle is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin, the right aisle to Agios Dionysios, patron saint of Aegina, and the left aisle to Agios Ioannis Theologos.

The Metropolis was erected in 1806 and its history is closely related to the modern Greek state. The Metropolis was used as a parliament in 1827 and in 1828, for the swearing-in ceremony of the first Government of Greece. Here the swearing-in ceremony of Ioannis Kapodistrias as the First Governor of the Greek State in January 1828 also took place.

At the Metropolis there are numerous priceless historical relics, an impressive marble screen, remarkable wall paintings and icons. Opposite the Despotic Throne there is still the stall of the Governor.




August 15th

Holy Metropolis: 
Hydra, Spetses and Aegina

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