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Monastery Koimiseos Theotokou Chrisoleontissis (Panagia Chrisoleontissa)

At a green plateau surrounded by mountains, at the centre of Aegina, is the most important monastery of the island, dedicated to Panagia Chrisoleontissa.

It was founded in 1600, to house the icon of Panagia Chrisoleontissa. The icon until then was kept at the seaside monastery of Agios Leontios near village Leonti, which was repeatedly destroyed by pirates, that’s why its monks sought refuge to this more protected area, away from the sea. The foundation of the new monastery took place in the period 1600-1614. Its history is known since then, as well as the names of all its abbots.
It was a stauropegic monastery with great property and had in its possession almost all of Aegina, but also the island which is called Moni, opposite Perdika. In the revolution of 1821 it demonstrated significant activity and after the revolution it was one of the monasteries that were preserved, and as a matter of fact the dissolved monastery of Faneromeni in Salamina was added to it as a metochi. Its history has been connected to the personality of Agios Nektarios, who visited it frequently. In 1935 it became a women’s monastery.

The complex has maintained the fort-like appearance that it had already from the 17th century. It has square floor plan and is surrounded by tall cell buildings, with turrets, πολεμίστρες and small windows placed high. At its centre is the three-storied fortification tower which dates from 1610 while next to it, at a higher level, is where the catholicon is built, which dates from 1808 and it was built on the spot of an older one, which was destroyed by an earthquake and a fire. It is a three-aisled basilica, dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin, to Agios Dionysios and Agios Charalambos. In its interior visitors are impressed by the beautiful wood carved screen of 1814, and the silver plated icon of Chrisoleontissa, which is said that it dates from the 15th or the 16th century.

A special experience is the day of the celebration of the monastery, on the 15th of August, with the greatest festival of the island.


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August 15th

Holy Metropolis: 
Hydra, Spetses and Aegina



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